Emanuil Yorgov

Emanuil Yorgov
Titles and Organizations

Piano Technician, Dewberry School of Music, CVPA

Contact Information

Phone: Fax: 703-993-1394
Campus: Fairfax
Building: de Laski Performing Arts Bldg
Room A327A
Mail Stop: 3E3
Email: eyorgov@gmu.edu


Mr. Emanuil Yorgov is Mason’s full-time piano technician, where his responsibilities will include piano tuning, voicing, and regulation for Mason’s All-Steinway School, as well as tunings in Harris Theater.  Mr. Yorgov is a highly respected and experienced piano technician.  Most recently has has worked at Jordan Kitts Music where he performed concert tunings, action repairs, voicings, and regulations. He also has restored pianos for Northern Virginia Community College and for the Catholic University of America.  Previously he served as a piano technician for “The Piano Company” in Leesburg, Virginia.  Mr. Yorgov has also provided expert piano service and tunings for many different embassies and cultural centers, including the Mexican Embassy, Ukranian Embassy, Russian Embassy, Bulgarian Embassy, Russian Culture Center, and Bulgarian Culture Center.  Additionally, Mr. Yorgov provided concert piano tunings and repair for the Castleton Festivals.

A native of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Emanuil Yorgov studied violin and piano at an early age. He also was a chorister and an organist during his teen years. Emanuil studied the fundamentals and basics of piano technologies and tuning with Nikola Marinov, an expert piano technician and tuner in Bulgaria.  Emanuil and his family moved to the USA in 2003.  During the years of his piano technician experience, Emanuil developed extremely keen hearing and technical skills that have contributed to his precise work and craftsmanship.  He has performed more than 20,000 tunings throughout his career and hundreds of action repairs.