Undergraduate Auditions

To be accepted to the School of Music, one must complete an application for admission to George Mason University, as well as completing the requirements for admission to the School of Music (audition, portfolio, etc.). To apply for an audition, the School of Music requires a completed application to the University Admissions department. Applications to the University and School of Music may be submitted simultaneously, but are not required to be.


Apply to the School of Music: Coming August 2017


School of Music Audition Process

  1. Apply for admission to the University through the Office of Admissions (703-993-2400). You may apply for an audition simultaneously with applying to the university.
  2. Complete and submit an Audition Application. This application provides the School of Music with information concerning your musical background and allows you to select an audition date. You will be notified of the time and location of your audition approximately two weeks prior to the date you selected.  (Audition application forms will be posted on this site when the dates are announced)
  3. Complete your audition.
  4. Receive your audition result from the School of Music by email.

Requirements for an audition:

  • All applicants must prepare two selections in contrasting styles (slow-fast, Baroque-20th Century, Italian-English, etc.) totaling approximately 10 minutes. Selections need not be memorized, except for pianists and vocalists in which it is strongly encouraged. Be prepared to demonstrate your sight-reading ability on your instrument or voice. Please bring one original copy of your music to the audition for the audition committee. View a sample repertoire list here.
  • Jazz Studies Applicants (Instrumental & Vocal):  Prepare two (2) selections in contrasting styles:  Blues/Bop, Fusion/Cool, Swing/Early Jazz, etc., one (1) jazz piece, etude or solo transcription, all major scales, improvisation over a blues and sight-reading.  All jazz auditions (instrumental and vocal) must bring play-a-long as accompaniment. For additional audition information visit the Jazz Auditions page.
  • Instrumentalist Applicants: Be prepared to play all major scales covering the range of your instrument. Be prepared to match pitches vocally and to sing a major scale. Instrumentalists do not need to perform with an accompanist. If you would like to provide your own accompanist for your audition, you are welcome to do so, but the School of Music cannot provide staff accompaniment for instrumental auditions.
  • Undergraduate Composition Applicants: Please submit your composition portfolio electronically to SlideRoom when registering for a live audition. Our composition faculty will review your portfolio prior to your audition. Portfolios should consist of 3-4 works and recordings or electronic realizations of these works. In addition to your portfolio review, all composition applicants must audition on their primary instrument/voice during one of our audition days. See Undergraduate Audition Application above.
  • Music Technology Applicants: For your audition, please submit a video audition to the SlideRoom portal showcasing approximately 10 minutes of music performed recently on your primary instrument. This video should consist of 2 works in contrasting styles (the styles can be from a variety of genres). In addition to submitting your video audition, please register for one of our audition days where you will meet with our Music Technology Professor for an interview and aural proficiency test. Music Technology applicants will not perform live auditions. See Undergraduate Audition Application above. In addition to a video audition, please submit to SlideRoom a portfolio of 3-5 works that you have mixed, engineered, composed, or worked on in a music technology fashion. This can include projects on Garageband, Logic, Protools, etc. This gives the audition committee a sense of your current experience and how you will fit into our music technology program.
  • Percussion Applicants: Audition Requirements. Contact John Kilkenny for additional information at jkilken1@gmu.edu.
  • Undergraduate Vocal Applicants: Prepare two contrasting pieces to be performed with piano accompaniment:
    • An art song,  or an operatic or oratorio aria (Oratorio arias may be performed with the score) from memory in Italian (preferably), Latin, German, French, or Spanish.
    • A second selection,  preferably in English. The English piece may be a musical theater selection.
    • Vocal applicants must audition with an accompanist. If needed, a Mason staff accompanist can be hired at a rate of $40. In your audition application, please specify whether or not you will be hiring a Mason accompanist.

Undergraduate and Transfer Students


Prospective students unable to attend a live audition may submit a video application.

Any questions regarding auditions can be directed to Andrew Dougherty, Audition and Recruitment Assistant, at 703-993-1390. To make an appointment with Prof. John Kilkenny, Recruitment Coordinator, please call 703-993-5637.

School of Music Scholarships

Scholarships awarded by the School of Music are based on the audition application and by the entrance audition performed by the applicant. Undergraduate students wishing to be eligible for academic scholarships through the University must complete the following:

  • Submit their University application by November 1, 2016.
  • Complete their School of Music audition by March 1, 2017.

All School of Music scholarships will be awarded April 1, 2017.

For further inquiries, please contact the School of Music either by email or at 703-993-1380.