Undergraduate Auditions

2018-2019 Audition Days

Saturday, November 3, 2018
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Friday, February 1, 2019
Saturday, February 9, 2019
Saturday, April 27, 2018 – University admitted or transfer students only 
If you are unable to make any of these audition dates, other options are available. Please contact Sean Brazel (sbrazel@gmu.edu) to discuss rescheduling your audition.

To be fully accepted as a music major or minor, students must be accepted to George Mason University, as well as complete a successful audition for the School of Music. Prior to registering for an audition, you must submit a University admissions application. Please see below for more information on the audition process.

Before registering for an audition, please note:

  • After registering for your School of Music audition, your University admissions portal will continue to display a missing audition. It will continue to do so until you have completed your audition and the results have been processed through the Admissions Office.
  • The musical theater major is offered through the School of Theater. This is a separate application and audition process. More information can be found on the School of Theater website.

School of Music Audition Process

1. Apply to George Mason University through the Office of Admissions (703-993-2400). Deadlines and other important information can be found on the admissions website.
2. Register for a School of Music Audition. Details for your audition (time, location, etc.) will be sent by email approximately two weeks prior to the audition.
3. Complete your audition.
4. Your School of Music audition results will be sent by email two to three weeks after the audition. George Mason University admission results are based on a separate schedule. In many cases, your School of Music audition may take place prior to knowing your admissions result.

Audition Requirements and Expectations:

Specific audition requirements by area or instruments are listed below.  Selections do not need to be memorized. However, for pianists and vocalists, it is strongly encouraged. All applicants should be prepared to demonstrate your sight-reading ability on your instrument or voice. A brief aural test will also be given. Please bring an original copy of your music to the audition for the audition committee.

If you have any questions regarding auditions, or are unable to attend a live audition, please contact Sean Brazel at sbrazel@gmu.edu.