Extra Help for MUSI 115

We are working on developing a program of support for students in MUSI 115, Intro to Music Theory.

Extra lessons and practice through uTheory

All students must purchase access to uTheory to complete their timed quizzes. But uTheory is not just a quiz website—it also features instructional videos and skill-building drills to help you build your fluency with music fundamentals.

Students who are struggling with MUSI 115 may find it helpful to access the explanations and automatically-graded practice that is offered through uTheory.

Following is a list of chapters in the Burstein/Straus textbook used for MUSI 115 alongside links to the uTheory lessons and skill-builders that correspond with those chapters.

Burstein/Straus Textbook Chapter uTheory Lessons uTheory Skills
0. Notation of pitch and rhythm
1. Scales
2. Intervals
3. Triads and seventh chords
4. Four-part harmony