What is the MTEC?

A common question applicants ask is, “What is the MTEC?” MTEC is an acronym that means Music Teacher Education Committee. The MTEC exam is an important process that is designed to evaluate applicants who are interested in entering the music education program. The Music Teacher Education Committee is comprised of School of Music faculty who are committed to reviewing and evaluating each applicant’s academic record, dispositions toward teaching, and music proficiency skills to insure that minimum qualifications needed for success are evident. This committee is chaired by the Director of Music Education.

Who is eligible for the MTEC exam?

Students who have:

  • Completed (or are in their final semesters of) their theory, aural skills, and piano coursework.  Traditionally, this would be your 4th semester (second semester of your sophomore year) if you remained on a successful course sequence from your freshman year.

  • Have received a grade of C or higher in these courses.

  • Have maintained a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA

MTEC Interview and Skill Proficiency Exam

Specific criteria evaluated by the MTEC are as follows:

First, the committee will review the following criteria:

  • Information submitted as a part of the application.

  • Cumulative GPA

  • Academic transcript

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Responses to interview questions

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test/SAT/ACT scores

  • VCLA score

Next, the student is asked to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Aurally identify intervals

  • Aurally identify chords

  • Echo-sing 4 to 6 note motives as performed on the piano

  • Sing scales

  • Perform (tap, chant, count, etc.) rhythms in duple & triple meter

  • Sight sing melodies in major and minor modes

  • Perform Star Spangled Banner on the piano from memory

  • Perform My Country ‘tis of Thee OR America, the Beautiful on the piano from memory

  • Perform Happy Birthday (in the key of F major) on the piano from memory

  • Harmonize a simple folk song on the piano using I, IV, V7 chords

Applicants who do not demonstrate minimum competencies on all of the aforementioned criteria will not be recommended for acceptance into the music education program. Applicants who believe that extenuating circumstances interfered with their ability to demonstrate a satisfactory accomplishment in any/or all of the criteria listed above have ten (10) calendar days to submit an appeal in writing to the Director of Music Education. The application will be denied if the applicant fails to file a written appeal within 10 days. Should an appeal be granted, the applicant will have a final opportunity to demonstrate competency by re-testing at a MTEC exam date.

NOTE: Piano music may be found in the text Get America Singing . . . Again (Volume 1). Students are expected to perform in the key found in this text, unless otherwise noted above.