Resources & Organizations

Here are several resources and organizations available to you at Mason for furthering both your education and your future music career. All of these resources are beneficial to the music degree by enriching your experience at the School of Music, for finding connections among your peers and in the professional world, and may even help develop your resume.

Collegiate Organizations

NAfME– GMU Collegiate Chapter

The GMU NAfME Collegiate Chapter, run by a select board of officers and a group of music education faculty, are the proprietors of the music education participation in School of Music events, and the Mason representation of the National Association for Music Education. NAfME focuses on fundraising, holding recitals to showcase students of students, setting up educational workshops, and going to conferences such as VMEA (for the Virginia Music Educator’s Association.)  


ACDA– GMU Collegiate Chapter

The American Choral Director’s Association, affiliated with NAfME, is a well-established collegiate chapter here at Mason and participates in both NAfME-based and School of Music-based events. Like NAfME, the ACDA chapter focuses mainly on fundraising, conferences and conventions, connecting with other chapters, and performing, as well as getting involved with the community as future educators. 


ASTA– GMU Collegiate Chapter

The American String Teachers Association is a new but thriving addition to our chapters here at Mason. Made up of passionate strings majors and faculty, the ASTA chapter at GMU focuses on the organization of the strings studio, fundraising at departmentals and recitals, participating in meetings for the betterment of the music community, working with NAfME and ACDA, and connecting with other collegiate chapters. 


Mason Community Arts Academy

Formerly known as Potomac Arts Academy, Mason Community Arts Academy is an organization run by faculty members of the School of Music that focus on the education and development of new musicians. Both faculty members, non-Mason members, and even Mason students teach private lessons, group lessons, classes, and run programs and activities through the Academy, both for experience and as a job. The Mason Community Arts Academy also offers a Teaching Scholars program for Mason students, where students can teach after-school programs at an elementary school before going into student teaching as a way to gain field experience. Teaching Scholars are selected by GPA, reference, and general participation in the School of Music. 


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Educational Resources

Journal of Research in Music Education

The Journal of Research in Music Education is a peer-reviewed journal published four times per year, made up of the most current reports on music learning and education.

This scholarly journal tackles topics like pedagogy, history, philosophy in all fields of music education, at all levels– elementary, middle, high, and beyond, in every instrumental category.

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education

The Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal and forum of contemporary music research, and is a close relative to the Journal of Research in Music Education. The Bulletin serves as a forum for all recent research by scholars with a passion for music education.

American String Teacher

The American String Teacher is a trade journal released quarterly for strings teachers based in ensemble education and solo repertoire education. Dealing with trade topics such as classroom management and general music pedagogy and written by teachers in the field for other teachers, the journal is neither peer-reviewed nor scholarly. It is published by the American String Teachers Association.

The American Music Teacher

This trade journal for music education (band/choir/orchestra), centered around education, ensembles, and curriculum-based classroom learning. Unlike scholarly and academic journals, the American Music Teacher is peer-reviewed but classified as a trade journal. It is published by Music Teachers National Association.

 Music Educators Journal

The Music Educators Journal offers both scholarly and practical articles on different techniques and approaches to music teaching, current trends and issues, and news on schools and communities. It is both peer-reviewed and scholarly, and is published quarterly by Sage Publications, Inc.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

RILM is a global database covering each musical discipline, not just music education– it serves scholars in composition, musicology, technology, history, performance, and beyond. This collective network is home to an extensive amount of music literature, manuscripts, recordings, and articles.

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