Private Music Lessons at BeanTree Learning/The Pavilion

Posted on 16.02.2017 by Darden

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jamie Guida and I am a Director The Pavilion at BeanTree.  We are a private Preschool through Second Grade and are looking to offer our families private music lessons both during school hours and after school hours (between 3:30-7:00pm).  Typically what we have done with other vendors, is send a memo to all of our families announcing the new opportunity and parents can sign up if they chose. Once we set a date and time for lessons, parents can pick a time slot that works best for them and that is how we would build a roster (timing also depends on instructors availability). We would sit down and discuss pricing and lesson costs and then we would pay the instructor directly and bill our families separately (insuring that all instructors receive payment).

We have had several requests for both piano and guitar lessons so ideally we would like to offer both. We usually start lessons with our 3 year old students (obviously very basic at this age) and will offer them up until the age of 12 (which is the oldest of the students we have at ThePavilion).

I look forward to hearing back from you and potentially partnering up with some of your students!

Thank you,


Jamie Guida

Lead Director

The Pavilion at BeanTree

43635 Greenway Corporate Drive

Ashburn, Virginia  20147

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