Piano Teachers Needed – The Piano Studio of Old Town Alexandria

Posted on 27.01.2020 by Darden

Hiring Part-Time Piano Teachers at The Piano Studio of Old Town Alexandria

The Piano Studio of Old Town Alexandria, a professional piano studio in Old Town Alexandria for over 20 years, is expanding and hiring a community of professional musicians/teachers who offer a nurturing, positive and personal approach to piano lessons. Students are beginning through advanced intermediate levels. Seeking out-going, motivated and fun teachers to join our faculty.

Our Administrative Director supports studio teachers with:

1. Scheduling and building your teaching roster around your availability

2. Invoicing and billing allowing you to receive timely paychecks

3. Coordination of studio recitals, performance classes and logistics

4. Mentoring for undergraduate or graduate students still building their teaching experience


We offer teachers:

1. A welcoming and charming studio space

2. Well-maintained acoustic pianos (Baldwin)

3. Bright students with supportive parents

4. A fun and relaxing atmosphere with professional teaching support


The Piano Studio of Old Town Alexandria’s philosophy:

1. Piano is the foundation instrument of all future musical studies.

2. Our goal is excellence in each student, not perfection.

3. If given a positive and nurturing environment in which to learn, and a supportive and understanding teacher, every child can reach their musical potential.

4. We take each student in each lesson from what they know to what they don’t know.

5. What works with one student does not necessarily work with another. Our goal is to find out what works with each individual student. Our teachers are creative and think outside the box to reach each student’s potential.



1. Pedagogy course taken or in progress

2. Bachelor or Master of Music degree completed or in progress

3. Reliable transportation – Studio is accessible via Metro and the Old Town Trolley

4. Flexible and willing to teach students of all ages and skill levels

5. Professional, encouraging, helpful, friendly and punctual

6. Eager to help students reach their goals

7. Willingness and ability to follow an established curriculum while offering creative suggestions for expansion


Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Lessons include proper instruction in technique, note reading, transposing, music theory and performance.

2. Prepare students for bi-annual studio recitals and twice a semester performance classes.

3. Interact with students and families

4. Provide a written assignment to students each week (to be written during the lesson)


Available Teaching Days/Hours:

Sunday: 10:00-5:00

Wednesday: 2:45-8:15

Thursday: 2:45-8:15

Friday: 3:00-6:15

Saturday: 9:15-3:15


Application Details:

1. Please send resume and cover letter to: Julie@OldTownPianoStudio.com

(additional contact information below)

2. Please apply for any or all days. Ideally, you would start with 1 or 2 days with the option to expand your schedule as the Studio grows.

3. Pay scale: $129.50 per month per student/$32.37 per half-hour lesson/$64.75 per hour

4. The Studio is closed for 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week before Summer Session begins (July) and 1 week after Summer Session ends (August).

5. Performance Class Weeks are held during Holiday Weeks (President’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day) as to allow a condensed teaching schedule and Holidays off.

6. Recitals are held during the week of Halloween and the 3rd week in June.

7. Make up Lessons are scheduled at the convenience of the teacher’s schedule

8. All missed lessons are paid for by the student. You are guaranteed a steady income.

9. Candidates will be asked to schedule a brief phone interview followed by an in-person interview and informal audition (sight-reading)

10. Candidates will be asked to commit through December, 2020 for continuity for the students and the Studio.

11.All teachers are not employees but subcontracted (1099).


Contact Information:

Julie Zupan, Director

The Piano Studio of Old Town Alexandria

120 South Royal Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


Julie @OldTownPianoStudio.com

Instagram: @OldTownPiano