News: Students Selected to Perform in Honors Recital

Posted on 17.04.2018 by Darden

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the 2018 Honors Recital. Prof. Miller, Prof. Camphouse, Dr. Ciorba, and Dr. Monson were truly impressed with the depth and quality of the performers across the School of Music. The students selected to perform in the prestigious Honors Recital and Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 11 at 8 pm in Harris Theater are listed below in program order. Congratulations to these outstanding students on their stellar performances!

Yiyao Hao, piano (Beethoven)

Kaitlin Lee, soprano (Schubert)

Justin Miller, euphonium (Deronge)

Grace Kim, Andrea Newsome, and Logan Matthews, vocalists; Wei Zhao and Sean Ganous, violins; GaYoung Lee, piano (Elgar)

Minne Zhang, piano (Ginastera)

Hannah Whitlock, violin; Nick McKee, viola; Eddie Adams, cello; YouJin Park, piano (Schumann)

Francis Favis, marimba (Psathas)

Yechan Lim and YouJin Park, duo-piano (Bolcom)


Brass Ensemble–see names below* (Gabrieli)

Yundian Cao, flute; Vanessa Nates, flute; Julie McDonald, alto flute (Miyagi)

Anna Billingsley, piano (Scriabin)

Karen Smith, soprano (Copland)

Horn Quartet: Jessica Camarata, Robert Esposito, Kamron Rose, Kevin Filetto (Turner)

Carla Lackey, marimba (Vinao)

Ashlyn Rock, soprano; Jeongwon Bae, flute; Andrew Miller, piano (Chaminade)

GaYoung Lee, piano (Liszt)

“Trout” Quintet: Sean Ganous, violin; Sophie Heeden, viola; Paul Rodriguez, cello; Nathan Graham, bass; Wenru Yang, piano (Schubert)

*Brass Ensemble:
Trumpet – Glenn Turner, Marc Anthony, Nicholas Sheehan, Riley Baisch, Ryan Salak, Mark Yang.
French Horn – Kamron Rose, Kevin Filetto, Jessica Camarata.
Trombone – Sherwin Zahirieh, Sam Jang, Justin Miller, Jacob Aeschleman, Josh Ellis.
Tuba – David Cho