News: Mason Music Technology at National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Conference

Posted on 22.02.2018 by Darden

Talha Mirza

BM Music Tech 2019

My experience at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) was surreal. There were just over 100,000 people in attendance and I was among 94 college students who received the President’s Innovation Award, which afforded me travel to the conference. This allowed me to confidently present myself in an environment full of industry professionals. I spoke with representatives and founders of companies that are just starting, been around for years, or changed the way we approach music itself! I spoke with musicians from around the world and met heroes of mine. I sat in panels that educated me on how to market myself in the music industry. I was invited to join the Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) reception and I met potential future employers! In a matter of five days, I learned more about myself and a possible future career than I thought possible. The opportunity to travel to Anaheim, California to attend the NAMM 2018 conference changed my life and I hope I get a chance to attend again!

Kyotaro Terai

BM Music Tech 2018


The President’s Innovation Award provided me with the opportunity to talk with industry representatives in all different fields. I gained insight as to how technologies (3-D audio, AR alternative reality, VR virtual reality, and blockchain technologies) can shape the future of the ways we consume and appreciate music. While the four days at the convention were mostly filled with learning experiences, I also was inspired by making new friends, meeting my favorite mixing engineer, taking pictures with my guitar heroes, and even exchanging contact information with a former CEO of a major instrument company! I am very lucky to have been a part of such great opportunity and I wish to return to NAMM next year to absorb more knowledge of cutting-edge technology.