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Welcome to the companion site to Dedicating Music, 1785-1850 by Emily H. Green.

Here, readers will find the data supporting several important tables in the book. Moreover, the data in these files show the general prominence of dedications within a broad marketplace for music in this period. The main database contains more than three hundred dedications from composers to other musicians, nearly all published between 1785 and 1850. The other lists (data for Table I.2) provide an additional one hundred twenty-odd offerings of the same type. They also provide the complete dedication catalogues of six composers: W. A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Carl Maria von Weber, Fryderyk Chopin, and Clara Schumann. Across these several lists, readers will encounter the names of many familiar but often neglected historical figures, including pianist-composers in Paris (Friedrich Kalkbrenner, Camille Moke, Johann Peter Pixis, Camille Pleyel), London (Johann Baptist Cramer, William Sterndale Bennett), and elsewhere (Joseph Woelfl), as well as musician-patrons, like Count Mateusz Wielhorski, a cellist and dedicatee of at least four works.

The body of information contained here is useful far beyond the scope of the book itself, and, like any extensive appendix, suggests opportunities for further research, historical thought, and scholarly interaction—particularly on the subjects of music publishing, music distribution, and composers’ networks. Each file is searchable and modular; a mildly experienced user of spreadsheets may reorder these lists according to any parameter including composer, dedicatee, date, and publisher.

The raw data is and should be, therefore, in a mild state of flux; corrections and additions are welcome and encouraged. (Please contact Any data found here supersedes that found in the book.

Other resources for those interested in dedications of music include: Beethovenhaus-Bonn, Weber Gesamtausgabe, Online Chopin Variorum Edition.


General Database

This file contains more than 300 dedications to musicians, most of which were published between 1785 and 1860. It does not include those in the Table I.1 files.


Table I.2

Tables I.2a–c in the book (pages 22–24) contains all dedications by W. A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Carl Maria von Weber, Fryderyk Chopin, and Clara Schumann. The file here categorizes each dedicatee according to four parameters: musician (M), non-musician (Nm), public citizen/Bürger (B), and aristocrat (A). Each composer’s catalogue is in a separate tab in the file. Any designations in brackets (such as [Nm, A]) indicate a dedicatee not counted in Table I.2b because the work was offered by someone other than the composer.





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