Inova Children’s Hospital Opportunity

Posted on 02.03.2017 by Darden

Inova Children’s Hospital Child Life would like to host a coffee house event specifically for parents of patients in the hospital. This event focuses on a time for parents and caregivers to gather and relax with coffee and refreshments as well as live music. We are asking for any GMU student to volunteer their time to perform for 2-3 hours in a specified area of the hospital. There will be four specified areas that will be small and intimate, no microphone or amplification equipment needed. As stated, each area is small so 2-3 performers max will fit comfortably. Since it is a hospital setting we ask to have the music selection to be clean and mindful of volume level for patients who may be resting. If interested please contact:

Jamie Gentille, MPH, CCLS
Director, Child Life Services
Inova Children’s Hospital
(703) 776-6486