Music Technology

The School of Music offers three different degree opportunities: Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Music Technology, and the field of music technology. The goals of the Music Technology concentration are threefold:

  • First, it will provide students with a strong grasp of the technical and theoretical aspects of music recording and production.
  • Second, it will acquaint them with the historical and social context of recorded music and electronic music in all of its aspects, from the avant-garde experiments to current styles of electronica.
  • Finally, it will help them develop the skill and technique to produce substantial new creative works in electronic composition and music recording and production.

Degree Programs

  • Bachelors of Music with a concentration in Music Technology
    • Electro-Acoustic Track
    • Recording Track
    • Engineering Track (for students instructed in a double-major or extended studies in a STEM field)
  • Bachelors of Art in Music with a concentration in Music Technology
    • This degree combines the musical and academic rigor of the BA in Music with specialized instruction in music technology through a 15-credit-hour core of courses focusing on recording, production, and electronic composition. Rotating topics courses allow for in-depth exploration of subject matter from across the field. The capstone experience for the concentration is a substantial original work, such as an album-length recording or electronic composition, created with the guidance of a faculty mentor. Through Mason’s partnership with Bias Studios, students have access to cutting-edge professional recording facilities during their capstone projects.

  • Minor in Music Technology



Dr. Robert Gillam




Dr. Jesse Guessford



Mason Noise is the student-directed record label within the Music Technology program.  The label provides real-world experience for the students in the program.  The students take on different roles for the recording, mixing, producing and release of the project.

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