Academic Awards and Degrees Conferred -- 2012




Friday, May 18, 2012


Academic Awards


Achievement Award, Undergraduate Studies: These awards recognize outstanding graduates in the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree.

Isora Heckel (BA Voice) has been an active performer during her time at George Mason University School of Music, participating in the University Chorale.  Isora studied voice with Professor Lisa Berger.

James “Carlton” Howard (BA Trumpet) has performed with the Mason University Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Brass Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra.  He studied classical trumpet with Professor Stan Curtis and jazz trumpet with Professor Kenneth Rittenhouse.

Achievement Award, Professional Preparation: These awards recognize outstanding graduates in the Bachelor of Music degree.

Michelle Laurent (BM Performance) majored in Piano Performance while at George Mason, studying piano with Dr. Anna Balakerskaia.  In addition to her studies in piano, Michelle also participated in the University Chorale.

Russell Lucas (BM Jazz Studies) participated in the Mason Jazz Workshop Ensemble, Jazz Chamber Ensembles, and the Jazz Instrumental Ensemble during his time at George Mason University.  As a member of the Jazz Ensemble, he participated in their Fall 2011 trip to China, performing in Shanghai and Beijing.  Russell studied jazz percussion with Professor Harold Summey.

Nicole Scher (BM Music Education) pursued violin studies during her time at George Mason, in addition to her Music Education coursework, studying with Professor Edwin Johonnott and Professor Peter Haase.  She also performed regularly with the Mason Symphony Orchestra and Various Chamber Ensembles.

Achievement Award, Graduate Study of Music: These awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in advanced professional study in the Master of Music degree.

Christopher “C.J.” Liotta (MM Choral Conducting) completed his undergraduate degree at the University of North Texas before pursuing his Masters in Conducting at George Mason.  While at Mason, C.J. studied conducting with Dr. Lisa Billingham and participated in the University Chorale.

Stephanie Longoria (MM Saxophone Performance) received a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree from the University of North Texas.  She continued her studies in saxophone at George Mason where she studied with Professor Rick Parrell, and participated in the Saxophone Ensemble and Wind Symphony.

Maryella Malone (MM Music Education) pursued her Masters in Music Education while at the Mason School of Music, specifically in the Orff Elementary Music track.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Ball State University.

Aaron Morneau (MM Saxophone Performance) received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire before coming to George Mason University.  While at Mason, Aaron studied saxophone with Dr. Timothy Roberts and participated in the Wind Symphony.  Aaron was also featured as one of the Concerto Competition Winners on the 2011 School of Music Scholarship Concert.

Achievement Award, Departmental Service: These awards recognize outstanding contributions to the excellence of the music program.

Benjamin Pereyra (BM Music Education) studied viola while at the Mason School of Music, in addition to his coursework in Music Education, taking lessons with Professor Philippe Chao.  Ben also participated in the Mason Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Various Chamber Ensembles, and was an active member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

William “Matt” Richardson (MM Violin Performance) studied violin with Professor Peter Haase and has been an active performer in the Mason Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and various Chamber Ensembles.  Matt also holds a Bachelor of Music degree from George Mason University in violin performance.

The School of Music is proud to present its first recipient of the Doctor of Musical Arts

Doctor of Musical Arts-
Major in Conducting

Joseph Van Riper, DMA



Honors Recognition to Outstanding 2012 Graduates


Bachelor of Arts

Lindsey Vogel, (BA, piano) While a music student at
George Mason University, Lindsey actively participated
in the University Chorale under the direction of
Dr. Lisa Billingham and studied piano with Dr. Joanne
Deborah Zamora-Soon, (BA, voice) During her time at
George Mason, Deborah studied voice with Professor Lisa
Berger and participated in the University Chorale, under the
direction of Dr. Lisa Billingham.

Bachelor of Music

Danielle Dean, (BM, vocal performance) Danielle has
been an active member of the Vocal Studies Division
of the School of Music, studying voice with Professor
Patricia Miller while also participating in University
Opera, University  Chorale, Women’s Chorale, and
University Singers. Danielle was also selected as
one of the 2011 Concerto Competition winners.
Stephanie Edewaard, (BM, vocal performance) As a
student at the School of Music, Stephanie actively
performed with the University Singers, University Opera,
as well as the University Chorale. She was also one of
the winners of the 2010 Concerto Competition. Stephanie
studied voice with Professor Patricia Miller.
Vincent Prinzivalli, (BM, music education) While pursing his course work in music education, Vincent studied trumpet
with Professor Stan Curtis. He also participated in the University Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Symphonic
Band, and Brass Ensemble. This past year Vincent served as President of the George Mason University chapter of
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

Departmental Service

Jacqueline Salvador, (BA, voice) Jacqueline studied
voice with Professor Debbie Wenner while at George
Mason University. She also was extremely active in
vocal chamber groups Soundcheque as well as
Timesquare, while also participating in University
Opera and Chorale.
Kasey Wilson, (MM, vocal performance) After receiving
her Bachelor of Music Performance degree from the Ohio
State University in 2009, Kasey came to George Mason
University, where she has been exceedingly active in the
University Opera. She was also one of the featured winners
of the 2011 Concerto Competition. Kasey studied voice with
Professor Patricia Miller.

Master of Music

Jacob Kohut, (MM, composition) Jake received his
Bachelor of Arts in Music from Principia College in
2008. While pursuing his Masters degree at George
Mason University, he has  played the bassoon in the
University Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra,
and studied composition with Professor Mark

John “Wade” Meyers, (MM, piano performance) Since
completing his Bachelor of Music Performance degree at
Stetson University in 2010, Wade has performed at
George Mason University with the Various Chamber
Ensembles and Healing Arts Ensemble. A student of
Dr. Anna Balakerskaia, Wade recently performed with
the University Symphony Orchestra as a 2012 Concerto
Competition Winner.


To view the full Honors Recital program click here.



Major in Music-
Master in Music

Stephanie Anderson, MM
Katherine Baseman, MM
Rachel Cassidy, MM
Nathan Galloway, MM
Marshall Jones, MM
Jacob Kohut, MM
Christopher Liotta, MM
Stephanie Longoria, MM
Maryella Malone, MM
Rethabile Melvin, MM
John Meyers, MM
Elizabeth Morgan, MM
Aaron Morneau, MM
Ryan Nobles, MM
William Richardson, MM
*Raymond Rinaldo, MM
Shannon Rivera, MM
Emily Sternisha, MM
Kathy Thompson, MM
Heather Tribble, MM
Kasey Wilson, MM

Graduate Artist Certificate
Vocal Performance

Sun Yong Hong, AC


Major in Music-
Bachelor of Music
Jonathan Blazer, BM
Donald Bradner, BM
Tim Carolla, BM
Michael Davis, BM
Danielle Dean, BM
Stephanie Edewaard, BM
Kristin Gavaza, BM
Kelly Hood, BM
Sung-Ye Je, BM
Sara Kubik, BM
Michelle Laurent, BM
Russell Lucas, BM
*Benjamin Malick, BM
Brian Minnick, BM
Kimberly Parillo, BM
Anna Patterson, BM
Benjamin Pereyra, BM
Vincent Prinzivalli, BM
Eric Renne, BM
Jennifer Robinson, BM
Simone Sattler, BM
Nicole Scher, BM
Linda Scott, BM
Ryan Shumway, BM
Jason Thompson, BM
Christinelan Vu, BM
Kyra Wagstaff, BM


Major in Music-
Bachelor of Arts

Jonathan Alexander, BA
Jessica Anzalone, BA
Joseph Brown, BA
Jonathan Burnham, BA
*Brianna Doxzen, BA
Steven Dunn, BA
Isora Heckel, BA
James Howard, BA
*Nai-Yu Kuan, BA
Joyce Lim, BA
Hanna Park, BA
Jessica Salas, BA
Jacqueline Salvador, BA
Mark Anthony Sevilla, BA
Rhylissa Verheij, BA
Talisha Vernon, BA
Lindsey Vogel, BA
Ashley Wu, BA
Deborah Zamora-Soon, BA




* Denotes that Student has applied for August 2012 Graduation