Seating Placement Audition Information


 Seating auditions for woodwinds, brass and percussion for the Fall semester will take place Monday, August 25th, and Tuesday, August 26th. If you are interested in participating in one of the ensembles, please print the excerpts below, and sign up for an audition time.

Voice part-checks will be held during Choral Ensemble meeting times.

Students will be expected to arrive outside of the room assigned for their specific instrument at least 10 minutes prior to your audition.
You must have your instrument and music out, tuned and ready to perform at this time.

Jazz Auditions - Visit the JAZZ AUDITIONS web page for audition details.


To sign up for audition times, click below.

If all audition slots are filled, or you have a legitimate time conflict, please e-mail Jim Carroll at or Dr. Darden Purcell at
*Part-checks will be held during the first week of classes, during ensemble times.
For questions or concerns regarding auditions, please contact Melinda Wildman.

Click below for the audition excerpts.

Jazz (Instrumental & Vocal)
Instrumental: On Green Dolphin Street

INSTRUMENTALISTS & VOCALISTS:  The above links will provide you with appropriate chord charts and play-a-long recordings.  You are responsible for finding/figuring out the melody (lyrics).  Be prepared to perform three choruses: melody for chorus one, improvise one chorus and finish with one chorus of melody.  Sight-reading and scales will also be part of your audition.  E-mail Dr. Purcell at with any audition questions. 

Violinists, violists and cellists are expected to prepare scales, a standard solo (maximum 5": concerto or movement of Bach), and excerpts. Bassists should prepare the entire overture. There may be sight reading.
ALL scales are to be prepared as follows: G, A, D major; e, f #, b melodic minor. 100 bpm, 2 slurred 2 separate (3 octaves) in quarter notes.

(no seating auditions)
Excerpt 1 *Mvmt. 2 only 
Excerpt 2 *pages 4-5, f) Danse des Mirlitons
Excerpt 3 *page 7; cadenza to 40
*Bb and Bass Clarinetists, please prepare a 2-3 minute solo selection of your choice from the standard concerto literature.